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4 Learning

Torah is the beating heart and living soul of Jewish life.  It is the lens through which we see the world. 


We study Torah to better understand ourselves.  We study Torah to better understand our connections to others, to our world, to God; and to better understand our obligations to each. 


We study Torah in order to better understand what it means to be holy. 


And, sometimes we study Torah ... just because.

At Tikkun we study Torah for all these reasons.  Our study of Torah is relevant and contemporary.  It is meant to inform our journey.  Now. Today.

Opportunities for learning abound.  They surround us each moment of our lives. Torah opens our eyes to the invisible lines of connection that bind us to each other, it opens our ears to the beating pulse of life that surrounds us and it opens our hearts to the joy that is to be found in discovery, growth and change.

Come and Journey.  Come and Explore .Come and Discover.  Come and Learn.

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