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Tikkun4Change is committed to Lifelong Learning!

We have some exciting opportunities to come together and learn. There's something for everyone!

Tikkun Talks: Throughout the year, we will have evening gatherings where a member of the community will give a 10-minute talk on something that they are passionate about. Think: community-style TED talks. There will be food, there will be laughing, there will be learning, there will be community. Do you have something you are passionate about? Would you like to give a Tikkun Talk? Speak with Rabbi Lutz or Andi Vogel to schedule! We would LOVE to have you. 

Torah Talks: Do you love community dinners? Do you love listening to Rabbi Lutz talk about Torah? Throughout the year, we will have community dinners where Rabbi Lutz will speak on the Torah portion and connect it with engagement opportunities within the community. Get excited to eat, study, and act with your Tikkun family. 

Women: We have exciting evenings planned just for us to gather as women and study together.

College-aged students: Keep an eye out for information! Want to be a part of planning a reunion? Talk to Rabbi Lutz! 

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