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"So, what can I do?"

So glad you asked ...

Spacious Hall

Do you know
a great space?

We Want to Have an Event There

We are always looking for cool places to hold events.  Please don’t keep secrets!  Let us know of a beautiful, inspiring or just plain fun place that we can gather.


Do you know
a great organization?

We Want to Partner with Them

We are always looking to partner with organizations that are doing the important work of “tikkun’” (fixin’ the world).

Do you know any seekers of knowledge?

We Want to Teach Them

Looking for a great, personalized educational experience? We've got one! For students from 5 - 105!

(Sorry, at this time we can't accommodate anyone over 105!)

The button below will take you to a Google Form where you will find a list of ways you can volunteer and support your Tikkun4Change community. Join a committee, sponsor an activity, provide a scholarship for a student, support the T4C infrastructure. Select what is of interest to you. Don't see what you're looking for? Add your own at the end of the form!

Do you know we need you?

There is no "we" if not for "you" and "me" coming together to get to know each other, to celebrate together, support each other and work hand in hand to make this world a better place for us all.  Because, ultimately "we" is all of us.

Tikkun depends YOUR ideas, YOUR energy, YOUR creativity and YOUR resources.  Your voice, your spirit, your heart and your hands are always welcome here.  We invite your involvement as we build this  community together.

Help us do this together.  It will be an amazing and rewarding journey.

Avoid FOMO

(Feeling Of Missing Out)

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