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Change Maker

“It is just too expensive.”


So began a conversation among friends about their frustrations with membership in the Jewish community. In addition to the high cost, they pointed to the embarrassing process of requesting financial relief; and were equally dismayed by the difficulty making authentic and lasting relationships.



The conversation quickly turned towards a vision of what could be: a financially accessible community where personal connection was not just a “buzz word” but a founding principle.


From that conversation, Tikkun4Change was born.


For the past 12 months, as we have attempted to turn that dream into reality we have held many conversations, experimented with many different programs and explored a variety of financial messages and models. 


All with the goal of building the Jewish community you desire.


Along the way, we have learned a great deal.  We have discovered that when the financial barriers are lowered and the welcome is authentic, you will come.  We have also recognized that the T4C community cannot be sustained solely through voluntary contributions made at our events.


Therefore, on March 1 we will launch a financial model that remains true to our founding principles while, at the same time, providing the firm financial foundation without which the Tikkun4Change community cannot continue to exist and grow.


We are inviting you to become a Tikkun4Change subscriber. For as little as $36 per person per month or a monthly fee of $72 per family, you can continue to have access to so much that defines the Tikkun4Change Community.


For about $2.25 a day your family will be able to:


  • Attend our monthly 4th Friday community gathering and Shabbat celebration.

  • Join us for other monthly social and cultural events such as Los Toros Taco Shabbat, BJ’s Pizookie Purim, curated museum tours, and more.*

  • Participate in monthly adult education gatherings, including Nashim (a bi-monthly conversation for women) and Drinks, Desserts, and Drash (discussion) with Rabbi Lutz.


As a subscriber, you will have priority access to Rabbi Lutz for life cycle officiation and pastoral counseling. *


And you will have the benefit of the community’s support through:


  • Ezra” (Hebrew for “Help”) support services offering cards, meals and emotional support in the more difficult moments of our lives.

  • The “Yizkor” (Hebrew for “Remembrance”) committee making sure the names of your loved ones are recalled at our 4th Friday gatherings and festival Yizkor remembrances, listed on the Tikkun4Change websites Yizkor page; and providing yahrzeit candles and prayers for your own home remembrance.


Finally, you will be able to take advantage of next fall’s High Holy Day services at a special subscriber rate.


(* Note that for events where there are added ‘hard costs’, additional fees may apply - but supporters will enjoy a special subscriber rate. And for some life cycle events there is an additional customary honorarium that has been established by the Southern California Board of Rabbis.)


While most of the wide array of Tikkun4Change programs will remain available as standalone events at a higher, premium non-subscriber rate, we hope that you will agree that what Tikkun4Change can offer you is well worth $2.25 a day ($1.15 for an individual subscriber).


Connection to the Jewish community should be easy and affordable. Our goal is to provide just that.

We hope that you see the value of becoming a Tikkun4Change subscriber and will count yourself among those who will help to ensure the continuation of this revolutionary model of Jewish community. 

The heartfelt desire of those friends who met a year ago was for easy access to a Jewish community of personal connection, deepened meaning and a broadened sense of purpose.  That is priceless. We hope you agree and will subscribe today.

(If you would prefer to subscribe by monthly check

please send your subscription payment to the address found below.)

thank you for becoming a


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