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We are a community that is open to all, regardless of what you can contribute. We appreciate all the ways that you support Tikkun4Change.



Support Us Monthly: 

The sacred work of Tikkun4Change is made possible by the regular monthly contributions of individuals such as yourself.  We are grateful to receive all regular contributions which enable us to continue building our community and actualize our vision 4 change. 


Want to go above and beyond your monthly contribution?

As a new community, there are many things on our "wish list" to turn all of our Tikkun4Change dreams into reality. Some of them are things like sound equipment to enhance services. Others are programs and events that are only possible with your added support. 


Have an occasion or a loved one you would like to honor? We can make that happen, too.


If you want to make a special, additional, donation, Rabbi Lutz would love to talk about how to make it personalized to you. 


What does Tikkun4Change do with your contributions?


We are so glad that you asked! One of our goals is to be transparent with our finances because we want you to know where we are now, and where we would like to go in the future. We will hold regular meetings to share information and different ways that you can get involved with the Tikkun4Change community!




Tikkun4Change is a religious non-profit

as defined section 501(c)(3)

of the Internal Revenue Code

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